2016 Outlander max dps 650


MAX DPS™ 650


• 62 hp, Rotax 649.6 cc V-twin,liquid cooled
• Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
with engine braking
• Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS)
• 12-in. cast-aluminum wheels
• Convertible Rack System (CRS) with
LinQ™ system
• Double A-arm front suspension with
dive-control geometry
• Torsional Trailing arm Independent
rear suspension (TTI)
• Dynamic passenger comfort ergonomics
• Multiposition passenger handgrips
• Raised floorboards
• High-strength, multipurpose racks with LinQ
quick-attach accessory system
• 5.7-gal (21.4 L) water-resistant
rear compartment
• 625-W magneto


Factory 6 months limited warranty
Extended B.E.S.T. available from 6 to 30 months



Viper Red


Gauge Multifunction Digital:
Speedometer, tachometer (bar graph RPM,
bottom bar numerical RPM), odometer, trip & hour meters, diagnostic center, gear position, engine hour meter, 4 x 4 indicator, temperature and engine lights, fuel gauge, clock


Lighter type DC outlet in console, standard connector in the back (15-A)


230-W from twin 60-W projectors and dual 55-W reflectors with tail light / brake light


Convertible Rack System (CRS)


Prewired for available winch


Anti-theft System:

Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.™)


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